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FAQs About Life Coaching

What is a Life Coach?
Difference between coaching & therapy

What does a Life Coach do?

Sometimes we all feel stuck, with our thoughts, patterns of behavior, overwhelm and stress, decisions we want to make, or figuring out who we really are. A life coach can help you gain clarity, purpose and motivation around challenges, choices and decisions in life, relationships and career. Life coaching can help you to re-frame beliefs that have been holding you back for years. Coaching is about empowering you to be back in control, so you can move forward with positivity and be the best version of you possible. If you have been trying the same things again and again and they still aren’t working, then it is time to try something different. Coaching can be the something different. You can be the change in your life.

What is the Difference between Coaching and Therapy?

There are similarities between coaching and therapy as they both aim to help you with some challenge in your life. Therapy can focus more on diagnosis, whereas coaching does not diagnose or work directly with mental health diagnoses. Therapy tends to focus more in the past, whereas the main coaching focus is in the present and future, to help you move forward. Therapy looks into experiences, whereas coaching challenges the beliefs that you are left with from the experiences. Coaching is based on positive psychology and client led, whereas therapy maybe more directive and therapist driven. For more information head over to my blog page.

Tips for choosing a Life Coach

When choosing a life coach, I strongly recommend you work with someone who is a trained and certified coach. The gold standard would be someone who is also an International Coaching Federation member, as they are following specific professional and ethical guidelines. After that, it is important that you can trust your coach, speak easily, and have a good connection to work together. A coach does not tell you what to do, their main job is to listen and ask the right questions, to provide you with new insights and clarity, so you have choices. A coach will also provide feedback and offer a different perspective in areas you may not have considered. 

How Long will I need Coaching for?

That depends on you. The more you put into coaching, the more you will get out of it. Coaching is led by you, and your motivation to change. No one size fits all. Coaching is a commitment to yourself and your future. Change takes time. I will be with you on your journey.

What is mindfulness & how can it help?

Mindfulness adopts principles that are used in meditation practice. These principles can help you have a different perspective of life, and live in a less anxious, angry or stressed way. Mindfulness can help you be more present, grounded and peaceful. Mindfulness and meditation can help calm your mind, body and emotions. Mindfulness has recently been proven to be as effective as medication in reducing anxiety and depression. Published Nov 9 2022 in JAMA Psychiatry

I’m ready to begin Coaching, now what?

First, schedule a free coaching discovery call through one of the links. Together we will work out what it is you are really looking for, and whether we are a good fit to work together. If we both agree we will work well together, then you pay for a coaching package. I will then send you a coaching agreement and an intake form to complete before the first session. At this point, we will schedule the first session. Then we begin your journey forward.

Tips for choosing a life coach
How long for?
Begin Coaching
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