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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Unknowingly, we can be held back by negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. These can affect how you approach change and choices, whether you can move on from the past and can lead to not feeling good enough, always pleasing others or being overly critical of self and others. Working with Laura can help you to dig deep and find who you truly are and let go of old beliefs and ways of being.

Laura is passionate about coaching from a collaborative, heart-based place, rather than simply working to the goal. This style of coaching can empower you to create meaningful and sustained changes in your life. Laura can help you to see your blind spots, so you can positively re-frame the cycle of long-held limiting beliefs, inspiring you to live in a more mindful and positive way.

Laura is an insightful, grounded, caring and challenging coach that can motivate you to nurture who you are today and embrace who you can be tomorrow. These FAQs maybe helpful in understanding more about coaching with Laura.

Laura is a Faculty Associate and Head of Professional Integrity for Raleigh Coaching Academy. Laura is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Global Member, and also a Member of the ICF Raleigh Charter Chapter. Championing coaching as a profession, ethics and integrity are core values for Laura.

  • Certified Authentic Leadership Coach - Raleigh Coaching Academy, USA
  • EQ-i 2.0 Certified - MHS Inc
  • Advanced Diploma in Counseling - University of Cambridge, UK

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Counseling - University of  Cambridge, UK

  • Bachelor of Arts (hons) - Open University, UK

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