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I worked with Laura for 6 sessions and cannot explain how grateful I am for her help in navigating my self growth. She provided a welcoming atmosphere and challenged me to focus on parts of myself that I had neglected for so long. The amount of positive growth I made after working with her still blows my mind! And for that, I am SO grateful. Highly recommend!

- Lynsey T

"I had the opportunity to work with Laura for the past three months. She helped me discover a better vision for my business. I strongly recommend Laura as a coach and partner to see beyond the obstacles and realize your full potential."

- Jason

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to train Laura Haywood at Raleigh Coaching Academy. Given her extensive background as a therapist in the UK, she brought immense value to her cohort, and to the program as a whole. I'm honored to recommend for her truly mindful and heart-centered approach to coaching.

- Kathleen O'Grady, RCA Founder

Laura's style of coaching is gentle, yet clear and confident. Her support is ever-present and steadfast. Laura creates an environment that is safe, nurturing, and unassuming. All of these qualities make her a wonderful coach and certainly contribute to my desire to be my best self. Laura is a true "gem".

- Lacy F

"You will be amazed at the talent Laura has, and how upbeat she is on a consistent basis.  She is insightful and supportive, but more than that, she is an excellent guide that helps to get you through challenging situations by discovering, reason and feel.  I’m happy to share what I’ve learned about Laura so that you may benefit from the wisdom Laura imparts. She genuinely is meant to be a Coach."

- Laura R

"Laura's quiet confidence, kind heart and understated sense of adventure create a safe, comfortable space for clients to grow. Being coached by Laura feels like the most insightful and powerful talk with a friend over tea that you've ever had and her quiet nature invites even the shyest souls to come out to play."

- Liz R

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