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Life Coach

Imagine More, Be More!


Life Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed, worried or stuck, and don't know how to figure things out on your own?

Coaching can help you gain clarity, new perspectives and confidence, so you can be the positive change you want in your life to move forward!

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Mindset Coaching

Are you fed up with the same old negative stories and 'what ifs' going round and round in your head?

Coaching can help you flip the script to let go of old beliefs and patterns, so you can move forward with new stories and positivity!

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Transition Coaching

Are you struggling with change or decisions, and can't figure out what direction to take?


Coaching can help you take control of your life and choices, to move forward with direction and purpose!

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About Laura

Are you really ready for change?

What is holding you back?


If you are wanting to let go of worry, make decisions with confidence, get unstuck, and reframe self-doubt, you are in the right place and life coaching could be the answer to help you take control of your life and choices with meaning and purpose!


The first step is making a choice. You don't have to feel overwhelmed or live in worry. Together, we can figure this out!


I am an experienced certified life coach who relocated to the US from the UK, where I practiced as a therapist for many years. I bring this unique insight and perspective into my coaching practice. I now live in the Raleigh area, NC, and work with clients locally and throughout the US. I am also co-lead faculty for a coach training academy. Ethics and integrity are core values for me.

- Laura Haywood

Meet Laura

Meet Laura

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Testimonials Laura Haywood Coaching
Inspiration Point Sign, CA

"I had such a wonderful experience with Laura! After years of working with only a therapist, it was such a breath of fresh air finding Laura and being able to take what I’ve learned in therapy and apply that knowledge to making tangible action towards my future. While working with Laura I made a big career transition that opened the door for me to resolve a lot of my anxiety, create new boundaries, bring color and joy back into my life and begin to build something new. Laura is kind, honest and intentional with her approach and has been such a gift! If you are considering a life coach to help you through your journey, Laura is the best!"

- SJ

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