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Life Coaching

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Sometimes, we can lose who we are and feel stuck. This can lead to overwhelm, lower self-confidence, anxiety and turmoil. It can be hard to see a way forward by yourself. If you're motivated to embrace moving forward, you can learn to love the neglected parts of you and grow beyond the fear. You can release your inner confidence, create new ways of being and feeling, to move forward with positivity in life, work and relationships. 

Mindset Coaching

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Mindset plays a crucial part in how we see the world, ourselves, and how the world sees us. What we focus on, grows! We can all get stuck in thinking and believing the same negative stories and self-doubt that we always have, preventing ourselves from moving forward and being happy. Coaching can help you re-frame the long-standing negative beliefs and embrace a different mindset, empowering you to move forward and be the change you want to be.

Transition Coaching

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Transitions and change impact us all on our journey in life, and can cause stress, overwhelm and fear. Uncertainty about the choices to be made, relationships ending, job stress, relocating to a new place or not knowing what your purpose is anymore can create turmoil. Don't stay lost in your own head. Wanting things to be different is the first step, and growth is making a choice. You can take control of your life and choices, and let go of what has been holding you back to embrace a new path forward.

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Testimonials Laura Haywood Coaching
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"I had such a wonderful experience with Laura! After years of working with only a therapist, it was such a breath of fresh air finding Laura and being able to take what I’ve learned in therapy and apply that knowledge to making tangible action towards my future. While working with Laura I made a big career transition that opened the door for me to resolve a lot of my anxiety, create new boundaries, bring color and joy back into my life and begin to build something new. Laura is kind, honest and intentional with her approach and has been such a gift! If you are considering a life coach to help you through your journey, Laura is the best!"

- SJ

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