Coaching Packages

Imagine More, Be More!

Investing in You!

Life coaching with Laura is an investment in yourself, and can be life-changing. If you are ready to do the work, then select from one of the following packages to embrace your future. PayPal, PayPal 'Pay in 4' and all major cards are accepted in the links below.

Sessions are usually every other week and by video conference.


6 sessions/3 months $1500

Life coach. New beginnigs. Growth. Possibilities.

Ideal for those clients who:

  • Have ONE overall aim for what they want to achieve

  • Have had previous coaching and are familiar with the process and flow

  • Are ready for rapid change and growth

  • Are interested in coaching and are, perhaps, a bit hesitant. You are absolutely worth the investment, both emotionally & financially!


12 sessions/6 months $2850 (saving 5%)

Life coaching. Growth. Mindset. Authenticity. Possibilities.

Ideal for those clients who:

  • Have more than one area of challenge & growth opportunity

  • Want a more in-depth dive into their stories and beliefs that are holding them back

  • Are honest with themselves and KNOW six sessions won’t be sufficient for meaningful & lasting change for them. You don’t have to simply survive, you can thrive!


24 sessions/12 months $5400 (saving 10%)

Life coaching. Transformation. Mindset. Authenticity. Growth. Free. Possibilities.

Ideal for those clients who:

  • Have multiple challenges & aims for coaching

  • Have been stuck for a long time

  • Want a deep dive into their identity, beliefs and mindset, to reframe for their success and growth

  • Have been through therapy, understand their experiences and are ready to leap forward with new beliefs, stories and growth. We can’t change the past, and it doesn’t have to control us!