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Resilience: The Key to Thriving Through Transition

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

As I stare out my window, I wonder at the beauty of the trees. They are able to withstand baking heat and hurricanes, and yet they continue to grow. They are truly resilient.

My adult life has been one of adaptation. Early on, I was a nurse. This career was cut short after I developed a serious health issue. Three years of studying, a short career, a long illness, and I truly was lost at sea.

Fast forward a few years, and with love and support, I embarked on another career and a journey of self-awareness. Four years of training at the University of Cambridge, UK, and some years later, I became a BACP Accredited Therapist. I had my own business and sincerely hope I was able to facilitate some healing in my clients.

I return to the trees and the sea. The trees signify the resilience of myself to get through the emotional roller coaster of counseling training. My cohort would be agreeing, laughing and crying at the memories. The trees also signify the amazing resilience of the human spirit, which I saw in my clients being able to survive dark times. Both my clients and me were at sea, periodically, throughout the therapeutic process. It’s just how it rolls and I loved my work.

Fast forward again to today. Having left being a therapist in the UK when relocating to the US (a story for another time), I was again lost at sea, not knowing where my life and career were going. My intention was to pursue being a therapist in the US. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was not for me.

Fast forward, through much heartache and more self discovery, and I have the immense privilege of embarking on yet another, different journey: that of becoming an authentic life coach. Being in a position to facilitate real transformation for clients is a truly remarkable thing.

I return to the trees and the sea. Whenever life provides us with change, try to ride the rough waves with grace. Be the trees and bend with the situation. Do not break. Trust in yourself and the universe. Be resilient.

My gratitude goes to Kathleen, the RCA Estey cohort and all the faculty for an amazing journey so far.

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Posted by Laura Haywood July 6th 2018


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