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Thriving Through Summer, With Confidence

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Memorial Day is an important day to remember the fallen heroes. With it comes the start of summer, increasing temperatures, opening of pools and, for some, increasing self-consciousness as to how they look.

It can be easy to compare ourselves to others. It could be the perceived ‘perfect’ person we see online, on TV or in the movies. It could be those walking around us in everyday life. And so, the ever-turning carousel of chatter begins. “He is thinner.” “She is prettier.” “I am fatter.” “I am older.” Blah, blah, blah … It can be exhausting, having the constant chatter whizzing around your mind. How fantastic would it be to sit by the pool, on the beach, wear your favorite shorts without the constant chatter eroding your confidence and eating away at your happiness? Falling into a comparing mind is destructive. It damages your sense of self and worth. It is an absolute non-productive use of energy. It is self-denigrating and sets the ‘other’ up unfairly. After all, they are simply going about their daily life, completely unaware of your comparing mind. We are all uniquely different and on our own journey.

“Great!” I hear you say. “Now what?” The key to being at peace with yourself is to let go of your comparing mind and accept you are as awesome as you are. Let go of the chatter. It has not served you very well thus far. If you truly want your image to change, do it for yourself and for your well-being and happiness, not because you are stuck in thinking others are something you are not. What you tell yourself about you is making you see others as ‘better, luckier, smarter…’ in some way. It is not about the ‘other’. If you don’t believe you are awesome, other people can’t see your awesomeness. You are hiding behind the judging and comparing of yourself and others. How healthy is that?

I invite you to believe in you and let go of the chatter and judgments and comparing. What can you believe today to help you on that journey? Embrace summer as a chance to thrive, and not just survive. Love and believe in you. You are truly awesome. I also invite you to say out loud ‘I am truly awesome!’

Laura Haywood is an authentic life coach, empowering clients to let go of their past and move forward on their journey to thrive and not just survive.

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